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Gregory Peck is magnificent as the obsessive Captain Ahab. At the time Hollywood did not have CGI to enhance movies with photo realistic action. They built a giant rubber whale that broke free of its moorings. Then ended up using a small model for the scenes where the whale surfaced to do battle. Peck almost drowned twice in the making of the 1956 film.





Herman Melville's Moby-Dick, partly inspired the development of Kulo Luna, by Jameson Hunter.


The $Billion Dollar Whale, Kulo Luna, is not as big as the whale depicted in Herman Melville's Moby Dick, and she's a Humpback Whale, not a Sperm Whale, but she becomes just as agitated when her friend, Kana, is killed by pirate whalers from Japan.


What Herman could not have envisaged in 1850 was a world that is getting hotter as a result of mass burning of fossil fuels, including coal and oil. An important element of the Kulo Luna story is the introduction of a solar boat that is owned by the main human protagonist, John Storm.


Where Storm is keen to win a race around the world, he is torn between saving Kulo Luna and setting a new world record. But, once he thinks that the whale is in danger with nobody else to effect a rescue, he decides to enter another race - a race for life or death against whalers intent on doing for the pregnant whale. But this fact was not yet known to the world that watched on and wagered on the outcome.




Moby Dick book cover, by Herman Melville



One of the stunning Moby Dick book covers, somewhat exaggerating the size of the sperm whale that the whalers are hunting. In our view Herman Melville was the original lobbyist against whaling in publishing Moby Dick.






Abdullah Amir - Skipper Khufu Kraft

Acid oceans -

Aleutian Islands - Bering Sea, Arctic Circle humpback whale location

Arctic icebergs and global warming

Ark, The - DNA collection of life on earth

Art Competition - Application Form

                        - Big Ocean awareness art competition 2020 for colleges and universities

Art Contests A to Z index and links

Artists -


Bat Cave - A workshop location near Nelson's Cove, Australia

Ben Jackman - Six Pack skipper

Billy Perrin - Cetacean migration expert at NOAA

Book chapters

Breach of Contract -

Captain Nemo - The autonomous navigation system and ships computers

Charley Temple - Camerawoman

Children's - Illustrated story book

Cleaner Ocean Foundation Ltd - is a not for profit company with charitable objects

Climate Change -



Contacts - Solar Studios

Copyright assertion

Coral, The Sea -

Covid 19 - Coronavirus pandemic SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome)

Danny Hawk - Electronics wizard

Darwin to Adelaide - World Solar Challenge, trans-Australia car race

DC - Detective Comics adaptation featuring Batman & Robin against a large Moby Dick boat.

Directors -

Disney - Moby Dick, Scrooge Mc Duck and Donald

Elizabeth Swann

Essex, The - Sinking in 1820 by giant sperm whale's repeated ramming - In The Heart Of The Sea film 2015

Fraser Island - Hervey Bay, Australia

George Franks - Family solicitor

Graphic novels

Hal - The computer program that operates the Elizabeth Swann, after '2001 Space Odyssey '

Hope - for clean seas and healthy marine life

Illustrators -

Imaginers - Artists who turn ideas into graphic novels or animators

In The Heart Of The Sea - Book by Nathaniel Philbrick 2000 Viking Press and Penguin

In The Heart Of The Sea - Film of the Essex sinking starring Chris Hemsworth 2015


International Whaling Commission - IWC

Jameson Hunter Ltd - is a trading company dedicated to donating profits to worthy causes

Jean Bardot - Skipper of the Sunriser

Jill Bird - News reader for the BBC

Johnny Storm - Adventurous conservationist

Jonah - Japanese pirate whaling boat

Khufu Kraft - On of the Six-Pack solar powered boats

Kulo Luna - A giant humpback whale

Lars Johanssen - Skipper Photon Planet

Marvel - Moby Dick, Deadpool Moby Dick

Medical SOS - Kulo Luna needs medical attention

Moby Dick - Herman Melville: Captain Ahab's hunt for a giant white sperm whale

Moby Dick - 2011 TV mini-series by Tele München Gruppe, starring William Hurt

Moby Dick - Asylum production, 2010 version where a monster whale sinks a battleship

Moby Dick - American Zoetrope & Nine Network Australia 1998 TV mini series with Patrick Stewart

Moby Dick - Warner Brothers & MGM's 1956 film starring Gregory Peck as Captain Ahab

Moby Dick - Warner Brothers & Vitaphone's 1930 film  John Barrymore as Captain Ahab

Moby Dick - The Sea Beast 1926 Warner Bros movie John Barrymore as Captain Ahab

Mocha Dick - The real giant sperm whale that inspired Herman Melville's Moby Dick, killed 1838

Not for profit - 

Ocean awareness

Ocean Shepherd - An anti-whaling conservationist's/activist vessel

Pacific Ocean

Peter Shaw - A skilled pilot who goes where others fear

Photon Planet - solar powered trimaran

PlanetSolar Turanor - 1st solar circumnavigation 2012, Immo Stroeher & Raphaël Domjan

Plastic - Island - Oceans, seas, pollution


Rash Move - Emotional rescue mission to save wounded humpback whale


Sharks - John Storm save the wounded humpback whale from attacks

Shui Razor - Pirate whaler

Sick Whale - Kulo Luna is not well

Six Pack - the 6 entries in the WZCC (World Zero Carbon Challenge) a green circumnavigation event

Solar Sailor - Robert Dane

Solar Studios - Contacts, Project HQ, Sussex, United Kingdom

Stang Lee - Whaling pirate and captain

Starlight - One of the Six-Pack solar powered boats

Steve Green - An award winning freelance reporter

Storm Clouds - A storm brews in the Coral Sea

Suki Hall - Marine biologist

Sunriser - solar and wind powered catamaran

Suzy Wong - Japanese pirate whaling boat

Sydney, Australia

Trademarks - free license


Vision - oceans free of man made detritus

Whaling Chase - Japanese pirate whalers kill Kana

Will Eisner - Moby Dick comic illustrated adaptation



Zheng Ling - Japanese black market boss



KULO LUNA BOOK CHAPTERS (shortened graphic novel version)










Chapter 1

Arctic Melt  (Prologue)

580 W, 750 N

Chapter 2

Sydney Australia

330 S, 1510 E

Chapter 3

Bat Cave

330 20’S, 1520 E

Chapter 4

Whale Sanctuary

200 N, 1600 W

Chapter 5


330 N, 1290 E

Chapter 6

Solar Race

200 N, 1600 W

Chapter 7

Darwin to Adelaide

130 S, 1310 E – 350 S, 1380 E

Chapter 8

Six Pack

200 N, 1600 W

Chapter 9

Whaling Chase

240 N, 1410 E

Chapter 10

Empty Ocean

200  N, 1600 E  (middle of Pacific)

Chapter 11

Billion Dollar Whale

250 N, 1250 E

Chapter 12

Rash Move

140 N, 1800 E

Chapter 13

Off Course

150 N, 1550 E

Chapter 14

Shark Attack

100 N, 1650 E

Chapter 15

Sick Whale

100 N, 1650 E

Chapter 16

Medical SOS

100 N, 1650  E

Chapter 17

Whale Nurse

100 N, 1650 E

Chapter 18

Storm Clouds

150 S, 1550 E

Chapter 19

The Coral Sea

150 S, 1570 E

Chapter 20

Plastic Island

2S, 1600 E 

Chapter 21

Media Hounds

17S, 1780E

Chapter 22

Breach of Contract

200 S, 1520 E

Chapter 23

Fraser Island

250 S, 1530 E

Chapter 24


25S, 1530 E





$Billions of dollars are gambled on the fate of a giant Humpback whale



Kulo-Luna is the $Billion Dollar Whale in an epic ocean conservation adventure, where the whale wins and everyone is happy about it, even the whalers. Moby Dick is also a $Billion Dollar Whale, but from a different century.




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